Blogging Life

Thirty-eight posts. Three months. Blogging certainly has been an interesting ride so far this year. Most of all I have enjoyed writing down my thoughts on the books I have read, archiving my opinions ready to look back on what I have read and to help better recommend books to those around me.


I have had some incredibly rewarding moments of late. An acquaintance, a friends girlfriend to be precise, who I had met only once before reached out to message me asking for book recommendations for an impending holiday. In the past we have had minor conversations on book related posts of each others and it felt so good to strike up a conversation with someone who has such a similar taste in books as I do. A work colleague read a book I lent her, a personal favourite of mine which she absolutely loved and now wants to purchase for her own. Several friends who were struggling through portions of books which they may have given up on without my insistence to push through, ended up doing jut that resulting in them loving these books. It is such an amazing feeling to have people that seek out, listen to and are appreciative of my bookish opinions, and these are even from people who have no idea I even blog. In fact I still have chosen to keep this part of my life separate from the rest, my little project. More for my own amusement than really expecting others to read along (If you do – it is an amazing bonus and if you enjoy my reviews and are inspired to read any suggestions, it makes it all worth while).


My book blogging/bookstagram is fairly consuming. First of all, finding quality time to read is difficult enough in life, with work, socialising, exercising and generally being good at life. I have a ridiculous TBR pile so I like to keep a list of what is on it, trying to make sure I get through the ones that have been sitting there a while, I keep lists of the books I plan to review, ideas of other bookish posts, future books to purchase or borrow from the library and so on. Then there is the photographing of books which, lets be honest, I’m not particularly skilled at and I should work at harder (I promise I’ll try harder), posting them to social media, writing the actual blog posts and then generally keeping up with everyone else’s posts to keep in the loop.


The point of all this is I have finally had my first slump. I ran out idea for interesting bookish posts, only having my reviews over the past month. Not to mention having a busy week socially a few weeks ago and encountered my first week this year that I did not finish a book (shock, horror) which I tried to make up for last week with extra reading and zero reviewing. All this culminating in a long weekend away for a family function (I had a baby shower – becoming a first time Auntie in about a months time…yay!) and a week going by without posting. Oopsie!


Luckily I’m back, feeling rejuvenated and ready to work through my backlog of reviews and with some fresh ideas for bookish posts. A week away has made me realise how much I enjoy writing down these thoughts, how it clears my mind and leaves me feeling as though I have achieved something that day, something productive, as opposed to just mindlessly watching TV each night. However, balance is important and sometimes life will get in the way and there is nothing better than riding with it and living in the moment. Oh, and see below for coming reviews and my current read.


Peace out. X



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