Throne of Glass – Sarah J. Maas

This series has been popping up all over the place with so many people recommending it and giving it great reviews. Even my mum has a copy, which this past Easter I decided to borrow. After hearing so much about these books it was finally time to give them a go. I initially had a more serious book lined up to read but when it came down to it, the end of the long weekend, all I wanted was something easy that I could envelop myself in and just enjoy. Enjoy it I did because I finished Throne of Glass in less than 18 hours, including a full nights sleep. It was just what i craved at the time.


My favourite genre as a child and teenager was YA fantasy novels and I lost count of how many times I read my favourite Tamora Pierce books. Reading Throne of Glass was just like taking myself back to my younger days and I just loved it. Yes, I’ve read some YA books such as Red Queen and A Thousand Pieces of You and even adult fantasy such as The Name of The Wind in recent times but this book was like returning home. Comfortable with a semi-familiar storyline. Part of it may have been slightly cliche, a love triangle obvious from the very beginning, a sinister king, the charming prince with more to him than meets the eye and the tough guy with a heart of gold. However, these “cliches” were well written and flowed with the story, which I thoroughly enjoyed.


The best part of all was the kick-ass protagonist, Celaena. She was great! A female character who kicks butt and is as deadly as they come with plenty of sass to hand out. Yet, she enjoys the feminine side of life, dressing up and attending parties and has her softer side (and loves books!). I loved her character and instantly felt connected to her and the supporting characters around her. I immediately cared about their well-being and their outcomes. Not to mention the love triangle: Chaol or Dorian. I look forward to seeing the relationships develop over the coming books.


Throne of Glass was a great read and I’m looking forward to going out and not only purchasing my own copy of the book but buying the entire series to binge read the next time I have a quiet weekend. A great story that left me wanting more. I give this book three (probably three and a half) of Chaol’s rings for Celaena.



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