A Thousand Pieces of You & Ten Thousand Skies Above You

I read both of these books in succession and decided the easiest way to review them would be to combine them in to one review. First of all can I just say how amazing the cover artwork is and I’m not at all ashamed to say that was a big part of what drew me to these books. I’m glad that the covers captured my attention because I loved these books and devoured them both in the few days over the Easter break.


I loved the concept of the multiverse and alternate dimensions. I thoroughly enjoy fantasy novels but also relished stepping out and trying a sci-fi based series. Gray created a truly captivating story and some excellent universes to boot. I can only imagine the fun she had in coming up with all the different dimensions. Russiaverse, warverse and oceanverse are all so different and intriguing and I looked forward to seeing what she came up with next. All unique, all with their quirks and catches, I loved the surprises in each new dimension.


The characters are interesting and likeable. Not super complex and layered but you find yourself caring for them and getting caught up in their lives and hoping for the best for them. Yes, there is a slightly cliche love triangle. Yes, you initially think one of the love interests initially is a bad guy and shock, horror, he isn’t. I don’t even feel this is a spoiler because I don’t think I even believed it from the beginning. I guess there are a few cliched elements to this series that some people may not like but I loved them. I found the story well written and a great example of a YA series, so these things are to be expected and in my case thoroughly enjoyed. Although Team Paul or Team Theo is a tough one!


I loved the romantic notion of fate and how it was part of a scientific theory. It is a beautiful concept that the author introduces. The idea of people being fated to knowing and even loving each other in each dimension was adorable. I like that the concept is not quite so simple in the book and the theme is still being investigated in the plot, I expect continuing into the next one, due out later this year.


Another great aspect of the novel that really got my mind pondering was the subject of ethics across dimensions. Are people essentially the same across dimensions? How do their personalities differ because of different environmental factors? How much does it shape each character in their own dimensions? If these differing factors truly make them a different person where is the line between cheating? Are you cheating on you partner even if it is the same body but a distinct persona in another universe? Not to mention when you inhabit the alternate you’s mind in another dimension you are responsible for their actions. Is it fair to make decisions that may affect their body or mind in the long term? All great questions, so much to consider and I feel it added some extra depth to a fairly light and easy YA novel.


Overall I lovd both of these books. The characters, the multiverse, the plot. If you want an easy to read, yet mentally stimulating YA series I highly recommend trying A Thousand Pieces of You and dare you to not immediately want to read Ten Thousand Skies Above You. The only danger is finishing both of the books and not being able to wait for the next instalment. I give Claudia Gray’s Firebird series four of Marguerite’s pencils for her artistic flair enduring across the multiverses.



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