Allegiant – Victoria Roth

It has been well over 12 months since I read Divergent and Insurgent so I figured it was about time I finished off the trilogy, plus I found it cheap at the bookstore. My mistake with  this book was not rereading the first two books before reading this one considering the time lapse between my reads of books two and three. By the time I realised it was too late and I spent the first few chapters remembering who was who, but eventually it all came back to me.


Allegiant continues the story of Tris and Four (and all their other friends and family of course) in their world shattered by the removal of the Factions that they defined their lives by. This final book obliterates their beliefs even further with the information they learn across this novel. I enjoyed the variation of perspectives in this book, seeing things through both Tris and Four’s eyes. The struggles for these two characters was at an ultimate high in this final stage of the story. I love that despite their differences at times they still put each other first and can cast them aside for each other. I also appreciate the range of characters Roth creates. So many black and white characters making human decisions, human mistakes. This is no fairytale and people are flawed, including the protagonists.


So much action occurs throughout the book you don’t have time to get bored and due to an afternoon at home sick I polished off this book in a day. The book is fast paced with a lot happening in this final chapter, which keeps the reader busy. Then that ending! I admit I did know about the ultimate twist but even so thoroughly enjoyed discovering the circumstances myself. I have a lot of respect for Roth and the way she chose to end the series. It was an unusual twist, however, a realistic one which was a nice change from a cliched ending (not that I have anything against a good cliched ending).


To be honest Divergent series was never my favourite dystopian story. I quite enjoyed the first book but started to lose interest during Insurgent, hence my delay in finishing the series. I am glad I did follow through and finish and would one day like to reread them in succession, see if I can get more into the story. However, I don’t think this series will ever hold a special place in my heart. Overall the series was enjoyable and well written with interesting characters. I give Allegiant three serum injections.



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