The Lake House – Kate Morton

This book has been on my TBR list since last year and I finally got to it yesterday. Almost 600 pages long and I’ve finished it a day later. This book gripped me from very early on and I just could not put it down until I knew what happened.


The book follows several characters across seven decades, each person tied to Loeanneth, the Lake House. These characters include Sadie, a police officer on forced leave after a botched investigation, who stumbles across a mystery in the abandoned lake house. The mystery of a baby boy who disappeared into the night seventy years ago. Whose disappearance drove away his family from their home forever. We also meet Alice, older sister of the missing child, who now seventy years later is a successful writer currently writing her fiftieth mystery novel, and her rigid mother, Eleanor. Each of these women have their secrets, their own part of their story to tell.


Morton flips between these characters, plus others and the different decades with each new chapter. Personally, I loved the way the story was told, slowly revealing clues in each chapter, never knowing where you were headed next. I found the three leading ladies incredibly fascinating, all strong in their own way. The host of supporting characters were all vivid and memorable adding colour to the story and playing their role in the mystery.


There were many theories, plot twists and curve balls throughout the story all leading to an ending so perfect it feels like you have been walked into the ultimate  trap. So perfect that you don’t know it is a trap until it is too late and suddenly the pieces fall together so neatly that you kind of want to hate it but it makes so much sense you can’t deny it. In reality I loved the ending. Morton wove an enthralling tale that had the right amount of mystery leaving me wanting more. I can’t wait to get my hands on another book.


If you like a good mystery that is plausible with some great characters that ties off to a neat conclusion then this is the book for you. I give the Lake House, four long-lost letters and am off to find more of Kate Morton’s entrancing mysteries.


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2 thoughts on “The Lake House – Kate Morton

  1. Great review! Kate Morton’s books are SO good – she is one of my favorite authors and I’ll read anything she writes. My favorites of hers are The Forgotten Garden and also The Distant Hours. The Lake House tied everything up a bit too neatly for me, but I still enjoyed the story and the characters.


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