Audiobooks – A new found appreciation

Recently I had my first foray into the world of audiobooks. Previously they have never interested me as I am a hardcore reader and love nothing better than a comforting book in hand. I also am prone to tuning out at regular intervals so never considered audiobooks as an option when exercising and to be honest my work commute isn’t long enough to  necessitate the need to feel productive, the radio suits me just fine.


Until, it dawned on me. The frequency at which I have been travelling four hours to my home town in the country and then four hours back to the city in which I now reside increased dramatically in the past 12 months. This lead to the realisation that listening to music and singing along for four hours and then another four a few days later was getting quite old. Boring even. I needed to try something new, something different.


It may have taken a bit to connect the dots but I finally realised it was time to give audiobooks a go. Off to the library it was to test out this new idea. I knew I had a trip coming up and wanted to find a book to listen to. For my first trial I decided to go with a book I had already read, one I knew the general outline of the plot and where it would go but a book that I had’t read too recently, so I couldn’t remember all the plot details. I settled on one of my all time favourite books, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak


So I began my journey into audiobookland. From the beginning, I loved it! I really noticed the language behind the story and delighted in the author’s use of descriptions in the plot. I found myself concentrating on each and every detail, rather than skimming over the words as I am prone to do at times. It was magical and I felt like I was rediscovering this amazing book. Not to mention listening to a story while driving around the city, in and out of traffic, helped reduce my impatience and frustrations while driving. I found I wasn’t in a rush to get anywhere and relished in this time to myself, particular on my early morning drives to work (I start work at 7-7:30am each day). To me it was a miracle! And I hadn’t even left the city yet.


Eventually I had my long drive home and found the audiobook kept me well entertained and interested on my long drive home. In fact I even tried to make my drive longer in order to finish the book before I got home (I failed), which is unheard of for me after a four hour drive. The only thing I didn’t foresee was what would would happen when I got to the ned of my book. What happens at the end of this book each and every time I read it. I was left inconsolable on the drive home. Sitting by myself in the car, in the dark, in the outback just bawling my eyes out. I actually found it a beautiful serene moment. I love books that make you feel and listening to this particularly touching book while truly on my own with no other distractions was an indescribable feeling.


Safe to say this foray was a screaming success. One which I am keen to repeat and to continue onwards and to even contemplate for long walks, which I adore. In fact I have already planned my next audiobook experience. I have decided that my second time around will be a book I haven’t read before. Something new. Something different. Easter is next week, which means another four hour drive home and four hour drive back. Now, just to pick a book!



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