Glass Sword – Victoria Aveyard

After the ending of Red Queen I couldn’t wait to get into the second of the series, the recently released Glass Sword. After devouring the book in a weekend (a ridiculously busy weekend involving a wedding and eight hours of travel) I can safely say that Glass Sword doesn’t disappoint. This book picks up directly after the conclusion of Red Queen amongst all the chaos and fall out (no Red Queen spoilers, I promise).


The thing I loved most about Glass Sword was the changes in Mare. Her character development from the beginning of the series to now has been immense and the changes in her from the beginning of Glass Sword to the end are vast. I appreciate that one of the struggles Mare faces is retaining her morality and questioning some of the horrific things she has had to do for her cause and while trying to keep those she loves safe. This is quite unusual and divergent from other YA fantasy stories I have read and I like the reality of these feelings. I feel they parallel descriptions found in historical fiction set during world wars and find that it adds a realistic perspective to the book.


Mare isn’t without her flaws though and you witness her mental ups and down throughout the book and witness the effects on her relationships with other characters. These relationships between the characters within the book become quite complex and interwoven over the course of the book and I enjoyed seeing the different sides of other characters. The tension and emotionality between Cal and Mare is insane and had me all over the place.


The book is jam-packed with action and the story is taken in different directions than what you might assume (well different to what I pictured) and I loved the surprise. Not to mention that ending! If you thought the ending of Red Queen was intense, just wait for the cliff hanger you are left on with Glass Sword, you really are on the edge of a knife (sword even?). I found this book as enjoyable, if not more than Red Queen and am already early anticipating the next instalment. I give this book four Glass Swords.


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