I’ll Give You The Sun – Jandy Nelson

I’ll Give You The Sun has been one of the most popular novels floating around bookstagram of late. I was quite excited to finally read it after hearing so many rave reviews about it. I don’t believe it needs much introduction but the novel follows NoahandJude. Twins that are inseparable, more like one soul in two bodies until something happens to split them in two. The book explores these chains of events switching between Noah’s story in their younger years and Jude’s in the later. Only through their combined perspectives do you receive the whole tale.


Nelson creates some unique characters between Noah and Jude. I love Noah and his artistic take on the world and his connection with colours. I found his perspective an absolute delight to read and loved his unusual take on the world. Jude was equally as different in her part of the story. I didn’t quite love her in the same way I loved Noah but still enjoyed learning her side to the story and seeing how the plot developed. The host of supporting characters were bright and loveable and equally quirky.


The way the plot developed, piece by piece, over two distinct time periods had me hooked from the beginning and I managed to read two thirds of the book in one sitting and the rest followed quickly in the next few days. I loved the slow reveal of aspects of the plot that pieced together their story across the novel and found the pieces fit together perfectly in the end. One happy surprise I found was that the book wasn’t as fluffy as what I was expecting and touched on some big and important issues in an extremely eloquent, yet relatable way.


I could sing praises for this book all day and feel that Nelson has created an exemplary piece of fiction for young adults that will be relevant for a long time to come. This book is well deserving of all the hype that has been surrounding it of late. Unfortunately for me there was a little something lacking – something I attribute to a connection on my level, rather than any criticism on the book itself, perhaps my expectations were a little to high going in? I give this book four bright suns, ready to be bartered with.



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