Books versus Movies: Part 3

The final countdown. Books versus Movies. Are you a fan of the movie poster as cover art? This is a simple one for me. No. Never. I do not like movie covers on my books. In fact I go to lengths to avoid them and will often pay a little more to avoid this problem.


I can appreciate why it is done. Books often come into popular culture by being made into a movie and having the movie cover on the front makes it easily accessible to those who are seeking it out because it was made into a movie. If that is what is encouraging people to pick up a book, so be it. In fact there a number of books that I came across in the first instance because they were made into a movie: the Hunger Games, the Kite Runner, the Boy in the Striped Pyjamas and more recently the Revenant and the Martian. All I am glad to have discovered, even if it was because it gained fame through a movie.


I will still go to lengths to avoid these covers as I feel having an actor on the front cover dates the book. I prefer the feeling of timelessness that comes from attractive cover art. In fact I believe I only own two books with movie covers: one was given to me by a coworker after she had finished with it and the second was because the book store had a sale on books that had been made into a movies (and really, who doesn’t love a little Matt Damon? Maaaaatt Daaaamon).



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