Slade House – David Mitchell

Slade House by David Mitchell is a horror story novella centred around a mysterious house that can only be found in an alley on the last Saturday in October once every nine years. Those who go in, never come out. It is a mystery to all what goes on behind that small iron door.


The story is told in five parts spanning four decades starting at the close of the seventies ending in present times. Each part is narrated by a different character that is drawn in to Slade House to face what is found behind the two doors. Mitchell creates some diverse characters that are truly unique and has a real talent for writing the perspectives of these unusual characters. There is not much that can be said without giving away the plot and each detail is so enjoyable to discover that I wouldn’t dare give away anything away. If you love a short, engrossing ghost story then this is the book for you!


The book is an extension of the universe created in Mitchell’s earlier novel, the Bone Clocks. You certainly need not have read it previously, in fact if you haven’t I would almost recommend reading this first. It is a great introduction into a captivating story. Although beware, as this is a light and fairly quick and easy read the Bone Clocks is anything but. The Bone Clocks is a much heavier and intense story and involves much more attention. Don’t let this discourage you though. Mitchell is a wizard with words and creates a vivid story that hooks you in and keeps you going. I highly recommend both pieces of work.


This story had me hooked from the first part onwards, which was actually first told on twitter, a few lines at a time. It was a captivating horror story that had me going until the very end, I give this book four Slade houses, one for each of the decades it lured it’s victims in.



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