When God Was A Rabbit – Sarah Winman

When God Was A Rabbit is a novel narrated by Elly beginning in her childhood and continuing into her adult life. It is a story about love, a story about family and friendships and a story about life and growing up. The book follows Elly and her family over four decades and several continents.


The story is written in a way that you feel there is an untold mystery that is never fully revealed during the book. Instead you are left to draw your own conclusions once the story has come to an end. There are a mix of events crossing in to the intangible including talking animals, unexplained magic tricks and premonitions. I didn’t quite understand where Winman was going with these themes and was left a little confused at the conclusion of the story. Some aspects of the novel were so realistic whereas some were downright unbelievable.

Winman writes some beautiful and unique characters that are unusual and fun. The protagonist Elly is beautifully quirky and the first part of the novel passes by all too quickly. The supporting characters throughout the novel are loveable and add flavour to he story. Despite all this I just didn’t connect with the novel or the characters and I can’t quite explain why. I think the second part of the story let it down for me. I didn’t love the characters quite as much when they were grown. I loved the whimsical setting and the childish reasoning that I experienced in the first half of the book but ultimately finished the book feeling rather indifferent about it.


Overall, I give this book three bunnies called God. I can’t really fault this book as I can appreciate how other people may have fallen in love with it but unfortunately it just didn’t touch me in the same way.



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