After The Crash – Michel Bussi

I picked up this book from another blogger and after reading her review was intrigued by the concept of the story. A plane crash. One survivor a three-month-old baby, their identity a tug of war between two families. Eighteen years without a definitive conclusion and on the eve of the then mystery baby’s eighteenth birthday the mystery is solved, however, the detective who solved it is found murdered.


This book had me instantly hooked. The story is told from a mixture of perspectives including Lylie, the mystery baby now almost an adult, her brother Marc and the detective Grand-Duc’s diary. The action begins straight away with Bussi weaving an intricate story with many small mysteries and revelations to ponder throughout the book. So many threads to the story that you wonder how they all fit together to form a conclusion.


My favourite part of the book was the characters within it. Buss ihas developed an array of interesting characters. Each character has their own puzzle piece in the mystery to add to. Some you think are evil. Some you think are good. Some you think are absolutely crazy. Each one will surprise you and what you think about them when you first meet them will all change by the end of the book. Probably one of the greatest mixes of characters I’ve found in one book in a long time.


Ultimately this book had everything a good thriller should: a great hook at the beginning, a complex enough plot to have you guessing until the end and memorable characters that add such vivacity to the plot. You may guess at aspects of the mystery, however, all is not revealed until the end making for a fast paced mystery. I highly recommend this book for fans of book such as Gone Girl and Girl On The Train. I give After The Crash four Airbus 5403’s.



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