Books: bring people together since forever.

I was at work last week. It was a Friday morning and as per usual we had our weekly multidisciplinary case conference. I work in the health system, more specifically in sleep and at these meetings we discuss unusual patients that come through our clinics. Usually the attendees filter in dribs and drabs, sit in the meeting room and perhaps converse in pairs or small groups. This week was a pleasant change from the usual routine. The day previously I had done a little book bonding with a colleague and they had a copy of a book I was interested in reading and so offered to lend it to me. She gave it to me Friday morning and as another professional was wandering in, noticed the exchange and commented on the book. A conversation grew, which discussed the book in question, which lead to the debate book or movie first. Suddenly everyone that was walking in joined in on the conversation and regrettably it had to end soon after as the meeting started.


It was such a great feeling! We were all bonding over books, our opinions on them, debating the merits of watching the movies first versus reading the book first. All of us with a range of ages and professions. We had doctors, nurses, psychologists and laboratory technicians. All with something in common we could interact over (that wasn’t work related, of course). It was magnificent. A great start to Friday and I hope it happens again.


This is what I love about reading. Books bring people together. They encourage creative conversation and debate because everyone has a different perspective, something new you can take from it. It is something I can do for hours. So much so that I think people get sick of hearing from me. Which brings me to the bookstagram community. What a great place for all of this. Book ideas, different opinions on your favourite books, people to gush with and who share your feeling of elations and devastation when you finish a book that touches your soul. Just magic.


And we have books to thank for giving us the content, the feelings, the ideas. For bring people together from different ages, genders, countries, and walks of life. The book in question that brought my diverse colleagues and I together on a beautiful Friday morning conversation: The Dressmaker by Rosalie Ham.



2 thoughts on “Books: bring people together since forever.

  1. Bonding over books is the best! It feels like the other person just gets you 😁 I’ve recently made some really great friends solely cause books. Aren’t they the perfect icebreakers?

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