Warm Bodies – Isaac Marion

Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion is a zombie love story in reverse. The book is narrated by R, a zombie, who falls in love with Julie after he eats her boyfriends brain. Romantic, I know. This book was made into a movie in 2013, which I really enjoyed and tend to rewatch when I feel like an easy watch. I loved the idea of the book, something different to the usual love story and even the usual zombie story.


I thoroughly enjoyed R’s narration throughout the story, in particular the deeper insight into Perry’s memories  than what was revealed in the movie. I loved watching R’s character develop over the course of the novel with all the changes we see occur as his relationship with Julie grows and he starts to remember what it is like to be human. The characters are what make the story and I’m glad I made the effort to read the book rather than just watch the movie as I appreciate the depth in M’s personality that you don’t see in the movie. Learning Nora’s back story is a highlight also and Julie. I love the character of Julie with her casual directness and that she allows herself to befriend R and learn that the zombies can change.


As always the book has much more depth than the movie and I’m extremely glad as it adds so much detail to the plot. The fact that the zombies can marry and have the kids, the role of the Boneys and even the true fate  of Julie’s father make the story all the more enjoyable and complete. I for one am also excited that Marion plans to add further books to the story as I truly feel that R and Julie’s story isn’t finished.


Overall, this was a quick paced read that was highly enjoyable with loveable characters and really, who thought you could love a zombie? I give this book four Boney skulls.



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