Friday Night Blogging

It’s a Friday night and I’m taking the opportunity of feeling under the weather to get some rest and relaxation in the form of herbal tea steeped in honey and lemon and catching up on some book reviews.


I only recently started the whole book reviewing/blogging as a bit of fun. Some close friends joked that I should write a blog as I’m always wanting to talk about books and not only love recommending them to people but adore hearing their thoughts about them. So here I am on a Friday night, writing about my love for books. Thus far I have not told a soul of my foray into book blogging and currently don’t feel the need to (I mean the chances are that no one else is reading this is pretty high, haha). My purpose for starting this is more as a way of challenging myself to be a little more productive and creative with having to collect my thoughts into coherent sentences. If you are reading this I do apologise as my grammar and spelling is quite likely to be off here and there and yes, I am aware I should not start a sentence with “so” but this is my blog and I intend for the prose to be more conversational than like an essay. I’m also using this as a form of keeping my thoughts on the books I read ordered so when it comes to recommending or even remembering what I have read I have easy access. My aim is to review most books that I read over the year. I did get off to a flying start due to holidays at the beginning of the year and have read 15 books already so I have been choosy with which books I chose to review from that time period but will try to keep up with what I read from now on.


Amongst all this I have ventured into #bookstagram with an Instagram dedicated to all things book related (@crazybooklady_) separate to my own private account. This was perhaps the best decision I made. I love the different accounts with the stunning photos. I wish I had the patience and creativity of some of the different people I follow (and perhaps this might inspire me to become more creative with how I photograph my books). I love reading different thoughts about books I love. Even more I love the ideas and recommendations I get from different people. I am certain I would never have discovered all these different books on my own and am grateful for the never ending to be read list that I now have. But most of all I love the camaraderie of the fellow bookstagrammers. I know I may sound a tad too Madeline-esque (we love our bread, we love our butter, but most of all, we love each other) and I promise I will stop soon! The positive reactions and comments I have had so far have been encouraging and the relationships I have already witnessed between different bookstagrammers, who may not have even met or live on the same continent, is just energising.


One day I may show friends and family. For now I quite like having a little world all of my own filled with bookish thoughts and ideas. If you do happen to read along give me feedback, thoughts, book suggestions. I welcome all and would love to hear from people.


Much love. x



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