An Unpopular Opinon

I’m going to go out on a limb here and reveal something that I feel quite strongly about that I feel will be against the majority of book lovers general persuasion.


I’m just not that into hardback books. Even more so, I detest when a book is released only in hardback form so I have to choose between this rigid form or missing out of whatever amazing must-read novel has been released.


I can’t help it. I just don’t love the feel of them. They remind me of some severe elder matriarch that is unfeeling and cold. In fact, all I can picture is the Cruel Stepmother from  Cinderella. Inhospitable and harsh. I may be acting a tad overdramatic but it is quite a strong opinion I hold.


To me the comfort of books comes in the pleasure of holding one. The softness and arching curve of the pages and cover, moulding into that relaxed state that makes reading for hours so attainable. I just don’t get the same feeling from hardcover, much in the same way I don’t derive the same pleasure from reading with my Kindle.


Of course, I understand that both of these bookish forms have their independant uses: hardbacks keep the pages in a much better condition over time, particularly if you are a serial re-reader, like me. Honestly, one of my favourite books, The Power of One, is about to fall apart from the amount of wear the pages have received. In fact when it comes to children’s books I do advocate for hardbacks as those books take a lot of punishment and need that protection to last. Then there are Kindles and other e-readers that make reading so portable and attainable if you don’t have a lot of space and are often cheaper too. I only have mine as a few years back I was quite sick with glandular fever and had a swollen spleen so my stomach was tender and distended so I could’t rest a book or my arms on my stomach and I was so fatigued I couldn’t hold a book for long either. For that period time, it was perfect! I haven’t really used it since but I keep it there for next time I plan to go on a period of extended travel.


Back to the point, I dislike hardcover book. I dislike the feel of them. I dislike that I often have to pay more for a book I don’t get the same tactile enjoyment out of. I wish that I had the choice with all books between hardcover and paperback. In the long run I’m just being picky, because lets be honest if there is a choice between reading a hardcover or missing out on the story. I pick the story. Every time. In fact I only just purchased a hardback book this morning because I’m just that intrigued to read Slade House by David Mitchell.


End pointless rant.





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