Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte

Jane Eyre – forever been on my TBR list. In fact I’m making it my goal to read more of the classics this year including some more of Jane Austin’s catalogue (considering Pride and Prejudice is a favourite of mine) and Tender Is The Night, which I began and never got around to finishing. Jane Eyre was my beginning. What a beginning it was!

I found the first third of the book rather slow to set the scene. An important thing to do but nothing really took my interest until we saw the development of her relationship with Mr. Rochester. That is where the action began and the story picked up. I enjoyed watching their feelings grow through the story. I mean, there is nothing like a tumultuous relationship hiding secrets and using jealousy to prove points. It was dramatic and I loved it!

Then the twists, oh the twists! I swear no books have twists like the classics, I can never see them coming. The rest of the book kept me on my toes with the story going in directions I never imagined and I flew through the rest of the novel. The resolution of the ending was as outlandish as some of the twists but it worked and I thoroughly enjoyed the conclusion of the novel.

The only thing I found frustrating was the character herself. I found her to be negative and did not agree with some of her decisions. Easy to judge when we live in a very different time and things that mattered then are of less importance now. However, I did enjoy watching Jane grow as a character and eventually realise what was important to her and, ultimately, living her life how she wanted.

A great classic, well deserving of its enduring popularity I give Jane Eyre, three pencils for all her skill in drawing.




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