An Ode to the Book Depository

Just a quick note to say: How good are Book Depository bookmarks??


As an absent-minded reader I often put bookmarks back in to books or in really safe places (so safe that I can never remember exactly where later on when I need them again). I’ve learnt not to get myself nice, fancy bookmarks because try as I might I just can’t keep hold of them!


Enter the Book Depository and their awesome and free bookmarks that accompany their little packages of book love! I have about four currently sitting next to my bed. I especially love that they are designed by actual readers and on the back show you where they come from and their favourite books (another great place to find book recommendations). As someone who does like to support their local (non-chain) book store and second-hand books stores, I also have a special place for the Book Depository. Where else can you get cheap books delivered without cost and with a book habit like mine, reasonably prices books are a god send! Also, who doesn’t love receiving packages in the mail??


Thank you Book Depository, for all that you do and keep up the free bookmarks!



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