Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard

My copy of Red Queen finally arrived this week. This book I decided to read following a book club, a great way to find books to read and try different genres that you wouldn’t usually. I was drawn to this book after reading a few reviews and seeing it here and there. As a teenager I loved reading young adult fantasy novels! I find these books promote self confidence and worth, self growth and are packed full of adventure and loveable characters. I was excited at the prospect of going back to this familiar setting with an all new world full of characters to get to know and fall in love with ( I am a massive one for building a relationship with the characters in a book, it helps me connect with the story).

Red Queen was a great read that I devoured in two nights (and only because I had to work in between). I found the main character, Mare, someone I could connect with and empathise with. She certainly isn’t perfect and I have read some criticisms of the decisions made by her character in the book. However, I thought that her actions through the book were completely relatable and her actions were fueled by her good intentions. Aveyard has also left room for growth and development for the character over the rest of the series. I was delighted by the range of supporting characters and can’t wait to see what is in store for them in the future books.

Before going into the books I was aware there were a few twists ahead. One, was completely predictable (and not in a negative way) and the other I never saw coming but also know I should have. I loved the twists and turns of the plot and certainly did not expect the book to finish in the way it did. I was expecting more of a slow build, however, there was so much action I almost want to read it again to get my head around everything. The ending leaves you wanting more and I’m glad that the second part is due out in a little over 2 weeks (Yay!).

Red Queen was a great beginning to an epic saga and I give it four crowns and am off to pre-order Glass Sword.





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