Blueback – Tim Winton

My first read for the year was a short and undeniably sweet novella written by Tim Winton. Blueback is a beautiful story, more like a fable than anything else, with themes of love, persistence and the importance of protecting the environment. The story centres around a boy, Abel, living with his mother by the sea and his relationship with Blueback, a gigantic groper living in the bay around which they live.

Barely cracking 150 pages, the novella took me an afternoon to finish and I was in love by the end. Tim Winton has a gift for story telling and his characters have so much substance despite the short time you have to get to know them. Even if you are a person who thrives off vivid, descriptive characters (I know my love for books are greatly influenced by my relationship with the characters) I recommend giving this a go as it is beautifully constructed.

Definitely pick this story up if you have an affinity for the sea or a passion for the environment as the book evokes a feeling of nostalgia that is only satisfied with a trip to the beach. This book could be a great fable for the children of this generation to learn the importance of preserving what we have before it is too late and many people could benefit from the message imbibed.

I give this book four blue gropers, may they ever grace our oceans.


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